Katrin Karu's painting "Haare"

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In the medieval Great Beach Gate complex, Katrin Karu’s large-scale structural paintings are exponated, which have been created especially for the exhibition “Waterway”.

Katrin Karu (b. 1975) is an Estonian painter who started her artistic career in 2012. Her paintings have reached private collections in Germany, France, Spain, Lithuania, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Estonia, as well as the Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel. Katrin Karu graduated from Tallinn University, studying art and advertising.

Katrin Karu has said about the exhibition: “If you have grown up by the sea, the longing for the sea has grown inside of you, like the smells of childhood. I immediately responded to the proposal of the maritime painting exhibition: yes, of course! This seemed like a particularly accurate timing, as I had been sailing the sea all summer and making boatman’s papers. But then panic arose because the sea is such an awe-inspiring subject, so nuanced, wide, variegated and different. Do you paint these colors from the Turku archipelago or paint a reflection of the cliff in the waters of Eastern Estonia? Waves of Lääne County or the port of Porvoo? Is it on the sea or in the sea, a plow or a fish, and the morning moon, or the setting sun? And then I let myself be driven by the feeling ”.

Acrylic on canvas.

Dimensions: 130cm x 130cm.


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